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Publié: 7 juillet 2021 (il y a 5 jours)

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Datum Van Publicatie : 2021-01-15 (108min)

Tagline : La justicia llega hasta él.

Genres : Acción, Suspense, Crimen

Productie Bedrijven : Sculptor Media, Zero Gravity Management, Azil Films, Cutting Edge Group, Raven Capital Management, Stonehouse Motion Pictures, Voltage Pictures, Open Road Films, Briarcliff Entertainment

Productie Landen : United States of America
Sinopsis =
Langs de grens tussen de VS en Mexico in Arizona heeft Jim Hanson, een veeboer en Vietnamveteraan, het moeilijk. Zijn geliefde vrouw is net overleden aan kanker en de bank staat op het punt zijn enorme eigendom af te nemen. Zijn rustige leven wordt plotseling verstoord door de onverwachte komst van twee illegale immigranten die de grens naar zijn land oversteken.

El Protector Since 1987, the CHP has been proactively involved in a traffic safety outreach program, El Protector, directed at the Hispanic community. It places special emphasis on educating through dialogue with the community, instead of focusing on enforcement measures. The Protector(1985) works as a James Glickenhaus movie, but not a Jackie Chan movie. Glickenhaus tries to emulate every cliche that we’ve seen in Clint Eastwood movies. Danny Aiello is quite good as Wong’s partner Danny Garoni. In The Protector, a rich girl is kidnapped by armed gunmen. This scene was rehashed by Chan in Armour of God(1986). El Protector (2020) Short, Action | 8 December 2020 (Spain) A hitman, decides to disobey the order to kill the daughter of his latest victim, and in his eagerness to protect her, he confronts the criminal organization that has hired him, turningSee full summary » The El Protector program places special emphasis on people with limited English speaking abilities. The bilingual and bicultural program provides public education through dialogue with the Hispanic/Latino community, rather than focusing on specific enforcement measures. El Protector (2019) is a major lucha libre event produced and scripted by Mexican professional wrestling promotion International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG), which took place on January 31, 2016 at Arena Naucalpan, in Naucalpan, State of Mexico, Mexico; IWRG’s main venue. Hakan struggles to choose between his new love and his duties as the Protector. After sending Emir back home, Kemal heads out in search of the dagger. Hahiuiah – 14 al 18 de julio: Es el ángel protector de aquellos que más han sufrido. Aporta a los nacidos en estas fechas la virtud de la sinceridad y la verdad. Nith-Haiah – 19 al 23 de La nueva película de #LiamNeeson #ElProtector Gran Estreno 18 de Marzo ¡Sólo en cines!Síguenos en:FACEBOOK: Escena de la Pelicula Protagonizada por Steven Seagal “El Protector” (The Keeper). Our team of experts will find the best sales prices for Carel – THP00C0000 Motor Protector in the United States. Use high-quality products from Carel if you want to ensure your production. Don’t waste your time trying to source different spare parts from different suppliers, instead just ask us. CAREL THP00A0001 Motor Protector No Box*. Be the first to write a review. About this product. Current slide 1 of 1- Top picked items. Used – Like New. $199.90. Pre-owned. $25.00. Make an offer: THP Motor Protector cod. +050000865 rel. 1.1 – 16.05.03 CAREL S.p.A Via dell’Industria, 11 – 35020 Brugine – Padova (Italy) Tel.(+39) 0499716611 – Fax (+39) 0499716600